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My Breville Juicer Was Inexpensive, Makes Fantastic Juice & Is Easy To Clean

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This account comes from Erica Rodman. Thank you very much Erica and we hope that your new lifestyle helps to further improve your health.

I began juicing about a year ago in an attempt to control my chronic illness and digestive issues. I knew that I needed more nutrition, but my body was clearly having trouble digesting “whole” food. I found a great deal on a Breville juicer on Amazon and placed my order.

I had heard that one of the downfalls of juicing was keeping the juicer clean, but fortunately I discovered that this model was a breeze to operate and clean. I timed the scrub down at a solid 5 minutes – well worth it in my opinion! read more »

Personal Experiences

Juicing To Get More Vegetables – Didn’t Work For Me

So I hate vegetables. And I’m not talking the normal ewww veggies I mean I hate them and just don’t eat them. A friend of mine knew this and had watched this movie named Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, you may have seen it. It was all about fasting with juice made the guy as he drove around the US. I thought it interesting, not so much the fasting part, although fasting is apart of lots of cultures,  but the drinking of vegetables with fruit to mask them.

So I bought a juicer, a Jack LaLanne juicer to be specific. I bought it for a couple reasons: the wide mouth of the feed tube meant not a lot of cutting of veggies and fruits, it was relatively inexpensive at $89 and I bought it locally, so if I needed to I could take it back. I stopped on the way home and bought some kale, cucumbers, granny smith apples, lemons, ginger, romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, strawberries and some other things I’m sure that I can’t remember. I also grabbed a few more produce bags.

red-juiceI was kind of excited about this whole process. I set up the juicer; having seen a few videos of people juicing suggesting you use produce bags in the pulp catch bin to make cleanup easier. I washed and peeled the vegetables as needed and was ready to make my first juice. I knew from my limited research online that leafy greens are important so I started with a few kale leaves, added an apple, a cucumber, a carrot and a few strawberries. And gave it a taste. Before the juice made it to my lips I knew I had made a mistake, it smelled like grass and tasted the same. So in went a few strawberries and another whole apple. It still smelled like grass but after a stir it wasn’t bad. I later learned that kale is VERY strong and a little goes a long way, so that mistake was not repeated. I experimented for about 2 weeks trying different juice recipes I saw online, some were yum and some were not.

About 2 weeks into this little experiment something got really old about juicing, the cleanup. Now if I made a gallon of juice to drink a day to do a fast then it might not have been too bad but I wasn’t. So to make the 2 glasses of juice I drank a day the breaking down and scrubbing of the blade and mesh screen became a chore. Add on to that the fact I am diabetic and although fruits and vegetables are good for you they contain sugar. By juicing them I took away the fiber that slows the absorption of those sugars, so each time I would have a blood sugar spike. That combination of things marked the end of my juicing experiment. I have not given up on it yet. I know I need to eat more vegetables. I am looking into one of those blender type juicers that keep the fiber in the juice. Not sure if it will be any better but the cleanup is much easier.

Personal Experiences

Juicing Is The Best Headache I Have Ever Had

My name is Bob Morrison and juicing has been simultaneously a headache and the best thing that ever happened to me. The juicer I use is fairly old and kind of inefficient but because the cost of a new juicer is so high I have avoided buying a new one. It gets the job done and that’s all that matters.I don’t feel the need to research juicers at the juicer directory.

I started juicing because of the health benefits, and because I enjoy the taste of the juice and know that it is more healthy for me than bottled juice in the store. I prefer to drink a juice with spinach, cucumber, apple, ginger and lemon but I haven’t found a juice that I hate!

Drink up the beet juiceI also really like carrot, apple and ginger. I worry about the cost of juicing often. To make a small amount of juice requires a large amount of fruit and vegetables. The price of fruit and vegetables continues to increase over the years and makes my grocery bill even higher. I also worry about the waste that comes from juicing. I often question whether or not I am wasting so much of the pulp from fruits and vegetables.

I have remedied this by using the vegetable pulp in soups, stews or sauces, and using fruit pulp to make jam or put it in cakes. If getting the most juice form your pulp is a concern then go to the juicer directory and choose from one of the highly reviewed masticating machines.

Juicing also requires a lot of time. In the past, I used to just grab a bowl of cereal for breakfast but now I have to spend at least 20 minutes making juice for breakfast. It is a big time commitment, especially because you have to factor in time spent cleaning the juicer too.

The biggest benefit of juice has been in the way I feel. I do not feel heavy or stuffed after I drink juice for breakfast or as a snack. I feel more lively and healthier. And remember, if you are new to juicing you will feel worse before you begin to feel better. This is your bodies reaction to healthy nutrition and the change in diet. I know it sounds crazy but it’s happened too many times for you to get worried about.