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Adding Juice To My Daily Routine

I currently have a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer at my home that I bought after watching an infomercial. I rationalized the kind-of-pricey purchase by telling myself I would be able get in better shape by making healthy drinks in the morning. Although, in reality, I have not quite kept up with doing this. The juicer itself works very well. But, three things have caused me to use the juicer much less since the first few days after purchasing it. First, preparing several ingredients for a juice can take a considerable amount of time, especially if the recipe calls for several ingredients. These ingredients can be prepared ahead of time and be ready for use in the morning, but it still takes time one way or the other. Secondly, the clean up after using the juicer isn’t too bad, but it’s just enough to deter me from using it. Finally, the fresh ingredients called for in many recipes, such as the popular “green juice,” can add up quickly – especially if you plan on drinking one everyday as I intended when I bought the juicer. So I haven’t quite kept up with adding a fresh juice concoction into my daily routine. In those terms, the whole juicing experience has not been one of great joy or benefit. BUT, with that being said, I feel like I have gotten my money out of the juicer since buying it. I have done this by using it when I have had parties. Each time I plan for a party, I come up with a fun new alcoholic beverage to make for my guests. So far some of mine (and my friends’) favorite cocktails are pineapple plus orange juice and spiced rum, watermelon with cantaloupe and honey dew melon and vodka. These are fun recipes that don’t require a lot of ingredients – sometimes we even have these things in the refrigerator.


Juicing Too Much Fruit


Typical new juicer mistake. Use fruits and high sugar vegetables like beets and carrots in moderation to sweeten up your vegetable juice blends.