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Personal Experiences

I Gained Weight From Juicing Too Many Fruits

Hello. My name is Kate Davies and when I first heard about juicing, I thought it would be the solution to all of my health and weight problems. I saw a few things on television about the benefits of juicing and I decided to buy a juicer and get going.

I bought the Jack LaLanne juicer and fruits and vegetables to get started. At first, I was just making fruit juices. I made a very simple orange and pear juice that I really enjoyed drinking. It was refreshing and my favorite drink to have in the morning before I went to the gym. I also made a really good pineapple strawberry juice that was very tart. This was my favorite juice because it gave me a good pick me up during the day.

As much as I enjoyed my fruit juices, the people at the gym told me that I needed to make vegetable juices in order to get the full effect and benefits of juicing. They gave me some of their recipes to try out. I started making vegetable juices with a carrot and celery juice and I was immediately disgusted. It was repulsive. I would have rather eaten the carrots and celery. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to drink it.

A friend of mine made me a kale, beet root and ginger juice which also made me want to vomit. I had never experienced something so disgusting in my life. I couldn’t understand the point of drinking these vegetables. As it turned out, I stopped making the vegetable juices and continued making the fruit juices, but I gained weight.

I probably gained weight because I was taking in so much more fruit than normal and I wasn’t burning the calories from the natural sugars in the fruit. I haven’t juiced since the weight gain.

Overall, I enjoyed drinking my fruit juices, but hated the vegetable juices. I ended up gaining weight and have to admit that I didn’t notice much of a difference in how I felt after juicing. I think juicing is more of a fad than anything; you can make good, tasty fruit juices with a decent juicer, but I have to admit that juicing isn’t for everyone and it’s certainly not for me!

Personal Experiences

A More Efficient Style Of Juicing Machine

There are many reasons that a person would decide to choose a cheapest masticating juicer over other forms of juicing products that are on the market. The most important of those factors is the fact that these machines create more juice, with less fruit than the more common centrifugal juicers that are available.

The reason they are capable to do is because of their design and because of how slowly they work. They work by slowly grinding the product your extracting the juice from in between a set of gears or augers. These gears or augers will slowly change and while running they’re also squeezing every last drop of juice possible from the product. read more »