Juicing To Get More Vegetables – Didn’t Work For Me

So I hate vegetables. And I’m not talking the normal ewww veggies I mean I hate them and just don’t eat them. A friend of mine knew this and had watched this movie named Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, you may have seen it. It was all about fasting with juice made the guy as he drove around the US. I thought it interesting, not so much the fasting part, although fasting is apart of lots of cultures,  but the drinking of vegetables with fruit to mask them.

So I bought a juicer, a Jack LaLanne juicer to be specific. I bought it for a couple reasons: the wide mouth of the feed tube meant not a lot of cutting of veggies and fruits, it was relatively inexpensive at $89 and I bought it locally, so if I needed to I could take it back. I stopped on the way home and bought some kale, cucumbers, granny smith apples, lemons, ginger, romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, strawberries and some other things I’m sure that I can’t remember. I also grabbed a few more produce bags.

red-juiceI was kind of excited about this whole process. I set up the juicer; having seen a few videos of people juicing suggesting you use produce bags in the pulp catch bin to make cleanup easier. I washed and peeled the vegetables as needed and was ready to make my first juice. I knew from my limited research online that leafy greens are important so I started with a few kale leaves, added an apple, a cucumber, a carrot and a few strawberries. And gave it a taste. Before the juice made it to my lips I knew I had made a mistake, it smelled like grass and tasted the same. So in went a few strawberries and another whole apple. It still smelled like grass but after a stir it wasn’t bad. I later learned that kale is VERY strong and a little goes a long way, so that mistake was not repeated. I experimented for about 2 weeks trying different juice recipes I saw online, some were yum and some were not.

About 2 weeks into this little experiment something got really old about juicing, the cleanup. Now if I made a gallon of juice to drink a day to do a fast then it might not have been too bad but I wasn’t. So to make the 2 glasses of juice I drank a day the breaking down and scrubbing of the blade and mesh screen became a chore. Add on to that the fact I am diabetic and although fruits and vegetables are good for you they contain sugar. By juicing them I took away the fiber that slows the absorption of those sugars, so each time I would have a blood sugar spike. That combination of things marked the end of my juicing experiment. I have not given up on it yet. I know I need to eat more vegetables. I am looking into one of those blender type juicers that keep the fiber in the juice. Not sure if it will be any better but the cleanup is much easier.

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