Magic Bullet Juicer

I have a magic bullet juicer. It’s not actually a juicer but it’s a blender.

It is small and when you blend the concoctions you can take the cup and drink right from it or store it in the fridge. The magic bullet costs $130 for buy one get one free. It felt like I bought two though(laughs).

Man using a masticating juicer to process celery.My favorite juice to make is the blueberry, strawberry, and chopped garlic(just a little bit) juice. It is great for inflammation problems. The broccoli,banana,and kiwi juice is good too. You can juice anything, you start to feel like a chemist or scientist. Thinking of creative ways to make sweet or bitter juices.

Being able to make your own juices is a excellent way to stay away from those 10% and high fructose corn syrup juice drinks. Juicing can help a lot of things ,if you know the right ingredients.

Juicing And Disease Prevention

It can help decrease cancer chances,erectile dysfunction chances,heart problems chances.There are no cons to eating or drinking healthy. Young or old juicing will make you feel super or better than before you started juicing. Juicing in the night is a nice way to start off because a lot of people like to rush and procrastinate in the morning and have routines.

Morning would be better ,who wouldn’t want to start off their day with a fresh cup of juice. People complain about how much fruits and veggies cost. Well mark down every time you buy a high fructose drink,cakes,or snacks and what you spent on that could have been for fruits and veggies. Every time you eat junk it is wearing down your organs at ostrich speeds.

So read the masticating juicer reviews, get one, and get started on your way to better health.

America is the home of diabetes and the overweight. Be grateful to even be able to look at fruits and veggies. My name is Chris Jildes and juicing will benefit your life.

Pile of fresh vegetable ready for the juicer.

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